Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Belovezhskaya Pushcha park is an ancient forest located near the Polish border, close to the city of Brest. As a reserved area the forest was founded in 1939. But the ban on cutting trees and hunting European bison has been practiced here since earlier times. The Lithuanian princes, the Polish kings and the Russian tsars were its owners, preserving this untouched forest woodland for themselves for centuries, which was a unique animal kingdom and plant cover.

That is why Belovezhskaya Pushcha is one of the world's first sanctuaries. Pushcha is one of the last 'islands' of European forests, which were once endless. In 1992, he was included in the list of natural and cultural world heritage UNESCO.

Plants and Animals

Many plant and animal species have found protection from destruction in Pushcha. A unique animal, which is one of the rarest in the world - European bison was taken under special protection here. There is the largest number of bisons in the whole world not only in Europe but 250-300. Tourists are given the opportunity to see European bisons and other animals in their natural environment and communicate beyond the barriers of enclosed spaces. They are all friendly and harmless!


Pushcha is a world famous historical place. Here, in the hunting estate Viskuli in 1991 Belarus, Russian and Ukrainian officials signed the agreements to end the existence of the USSR and established the Commonwealth of Independent States. Besides the Nature museum with a rich exhibition of stuffed animals and birds in their natural environment is a pride of the national park. But one of the most visited and beloved by children place especially on Christmas and a New Year is a Belarussian Santa Claus - Father Frost’s residence.


Belovejskaya Pushcha is known for its plentiful variety of animals and birds. There are excellent opportunities for hunting on wild pigs, deer, foxes and other animals. For hunters comfortable living conditions are provided; all kinds of food from the obtained animals and birds can be prepared in a local kitchen. All Belovejskaya Pushcha’s guests can be settled in hotels and houses with wonderful views.

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