Minsk City Tour

Minsk is a capital of the Republic of Belarus. For many hundred years it was constantly changing, growing and becoming stronger. For the first time it was mentioned in written chronicals in 1067. It was connected with a great battle on the river Nemiga when the city was destroyed and population was captured. From this sad story the history of Minsk begins… But nowdays city was fully reconstructed and thrill us with its authentic beauty.

We are starting our tour at the Liberty square which is situated in a historical center of the city. From here formely wooden Minsk became brick and stoned. At this square you can see a building of the magistrate of 15th century, Holy Spirit Cathedral, first Minsk hotel and old bernardines monasteries buildings. And of course, you will learn the legend of a ghost of a City Hall and many other secrets.

Besides, we will move along the central Nezavisimosti Avenue which is the longest avenue in Belarus – about 18 km! The oldest part other avenue is preparing to be included into the UNESCO world heritage list.

There are five squares situated on Nezavisimosti Avenue and one of them is a an Independence Square on which we will see  a Red Catholic Church of St. Simon and Helena,  Parliament building and Belarussian state University’s main campus.  Underground there’s a three floors shopping Center Stolitsa where lots of belarussian goods are represented. This square used to be a city center till the end of 20’s century. The next point is Victory Square. It was built in honor of a Red Army which resqued Belarus from German fascism occupation during the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945).

Of course we will visit the National Library, the biggest Minsk hockey Arena, the Residence of the President, Troitskoye district with an island of Tears and many many more attractive points.

During our tour with our experienced guides you will get an unforgettable image about our capital, learn its story and get lots of positive vibes!

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