Mir castle

Mir castle is an architectural landmark of 16th cetury which was owned by Radzivill’s aristocrate family in the Middle ages.  There is a rich collection of paintings, furniture, dresses and jewelery belonged to this family. During the excursion you will learn interesting facts about the construction of the castle and the legends abouts its famous owners. Under the castle there’s a collection of old weapons and armors. Besides, Mir castle is included into the UNESCO world heritage list.  The Mir Castle Complex has a well-developed infrastructure: two conference halls for high-level events, a hotel with 16 luxurious rooms, a restaurant serving old cuisine, a souvenir shop with products of Belarusian craftsmen. Music festivals, as well as arts and crafts festivals have become traditional for the castle complex. About 300,000 tourists visited the complex in 2016.

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