Etno-cultural complex Nanosy

Etno-cultural complex Nanosy is situated 150 km away from Minsk on the bank of a picturesque  Lake Naroch. It is a perfect place for a family holiday. 

In modern world and in modern conditions in which we work every of us is tired not physically but mentally. Ento-cultural complex Nanosy is a possibility to change your attitude to rest and to enjoy the nature and cultural traditions of the past.  

At Nanosy village you will live in a guest house which smells wood. Every house has an individual hostess who speaks English (German, Spanish, Italian), a living room with a kitchen and a Russian furnace, a parents’ bedroom with a double bed, a children's room with a bed and a stove-bench, baths with a hot tub, separate toilet, barbecue outside, hayloft in the attic. 

There are two storied houses for big companies.  The first floor is made of stone with the use of striated masonry (alternate of stone and bricks).  The second foor is a timber frame.  All the timber elements are are decoreted by hand-made intricate carvings. Every house has 4 bedrooms (two children bedrooms, two bedrooms for adults, every room has a balcony) and two bathrooms and two toilets. 

At the Nanosy etno-complex you will have no possibility to be bored. You can visit a windmill and a watermill, a museum of samovars, coins and Soviet cars, a distillery and other things. 

At the village you can rise at cock-crow, to fire an oven and to make a meal in it, to pick up vegetables from the vegetable garden, to look after hens in your own hen house, to prepare medovuha (a drink from water, honey and yeast), to milk a cow, to make butter, cheese and cottage cheese.

Nanosy village isa great choice for romantic journey. You will learn hear what your partner is able to do. Entering an unusual pattern of life, you and your partner will learn a lot about relationship, and the words "accept something new in each other" – will be not just words.

At the village there are everything for an active holiday: сycles, park of quads for trips on various routes, water trips (kayak) with one or two overnight stays (with a guide), jet skiing, boats, yachts,
participation in sailing regattas, not only between the fan teams, but in real competitions, which take place on the lake among professionals, competition among sailing boats, wave runners and motorboats, driving cars of the Soviet period (preserved in its original state), horse riding, horse ride (in the cart), horse show, ski walk, snowmobiling, skiing with an instructor, with elements of extreme, an other things.

We propose to you one-day and multi-day tour through complex.

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