Silichy Republic Mountain Ski Resort

Silichy Republic Mountain Ski Resort complex was established in 2005. On the territory of the Silichy ski center there is a cottage town, the Silichi Hotel, a health center, a restaurant, two cafes and a multifunctional center (there is a medical center, a rental of equipment , mini-market, etc.).

Today, seven routes are equipped for holidaymakers: ski slopes with a four-seat chairlift, a snowboarding track, a cross-country ski track, a children's and a training track with drag lifts. If desired, you can try and such kinds of entertainment as tubing or zorbing. All winter there is a skating rink and a rental shop for equipment. Initially, the height of the hills reached 76 meters, and with a pouring of another 30 meters it has reached 116 meters height.

The hilly landscape of the area became the main reason for the opening of the ski center near the village of Silichi. And if you add clean air, oak and coniferous forests around, rich flora and silence, then it turns out to be a wonderful place for the resort. So in Silichi it is quite possible to stay for a week or two or just relax for a weekend whole year round!

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