The park and museum complex "Sula"

The First Belarusian Park-Museum of Interactive History Sula is only 49 km of picturesque views away from the capital. Passing the entrance, you will see a magnificent building of Royal Assembly of cut quarry stone, crowned with a tower with the town clock chiming exactly every hour with a melodic modulation and striking heard far across the area. Behind the glass doors of the Assembly, you will see the hall of knight’s glory with a collection of tapestry and pictures, lit with medieval chandeliers and hand-made torches. You will definitely notice a true king-size fireplace that makes the beautiful ceremonial hall, accommodating up to 200 guests, cozy and charming. 

Further, as you take a walk on the stone paths along the quiet dormant pond decorated with forged benches, you can visit the horse stable with a riding hall and meet its beautiful tenants. The most courageous ones can go riding on a horse back or in a phaeton.

You will feel that the amazing aura of the past centuries still lives in every corner of the park. Imagine yourself walking in a three-hundred year-old park, where exotic plants once brought from far-away countries are still growing. Wandering around the shady park, you will see an enigmatic stone outhouse and the sacral symbols left by freemasons on its facade. As you keep walking, you will be amazed by an isolated chapel hidden from a human eye, built as an ancient rotunda temple, on the top of the man-made pyramid-like 30-meter hill. When you learn the enigmatic and tragic history of this chapel, you will definitely want to visit our museum, meet its hearty host and try to solve the mystery of Lenskie pyramid yourself.

Sula River, flowing slowly through the park, falling into the deep, picturesque and clear lake, a sandy beach and chaise longues, as well as wonderful fishing, will suggest you to relax and calm down. Quiet classical music spreading over the park will turn your thoughts back to the history of the mansion and its mysteries, left by the previous owners, as if on purpose.

Pan Starki, an ethnic cuisine restaurant, will cordially open its doors and surprise you with its interior. Designer forged furniture, murals depicting knightly tournaments, chandeliers and hand-made torches create a medieval atmosphere in the restaurant. The peculiarity of the restaurant is that the produce for its dishes is grown right here, at our farm. This means that fresh organic dairy products, vegetables and eggs will always be on your table.

The tour program includes:

  • Fascinating interactive two-hour immersion into the history of Belarus
  • Getting to know the famous route from the Varangians to the Greeks, visiting old Varangian settlement and quay; trip on a Viking boat, drakkar
  • Tour to the stone vezha (tower), interactive participation in construction of the castle, splitting the stones, visiting the weapon smithy and participating in forging of cold weapon elements
  • Visiting the brewery, tasting home-made 'Starka' (adults only)
  • Visiting the mansion and museum of Lenskie family. Getting to know history and everyday life of the nobles of XVIII-XIX century. Visiting the unique rotunda chapel
  • Lunch
  • Drakkar Trip
  • Trap Riding
  • Transport services
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